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Authors: N.F. Morozov, P.E. Tovstik

Abstract: Buckling modes of a linearly elastic compressed medium are discussed. Stability of a plate lying on a soft elastic foundation is...

Authors: Milos Huttner, Jiří Maca, Petr Fajman

Abstract: This paper presents a practical application of form-finding process of cable-membrane structures. The dynamic relaxation method with kinetic...

Authors: Chu Wan Hong, Frank A. Müller, Peter Greil
Authors: Mirele Costa da Silva, Francisco Nilson da Silva, Hélio de Lucena Lira, Normanda Lino de Freitas

Abstract: Given the diversity of areas in which applications of ceramic membranes are included, the literature has shown great interest of researchers...

Authors: Mettaya Kitiwan, Duangduen Atong

Abstract: The palladium membrane has been developed for high temperature separation of hydrogen from other syngas molecules. In this study, tubular...

Authors: Sofiah Hamzah, Nora'aini Ali, Marinah Mohd Ariffin, Abdul Wahab Mohammad

Abstract: This study aimed to characterize a highly specific affinity membrane for trypsin separation. The basic membrane was fabricated using 15%...

Authors: F. Widhi Mahatmanti, Nuryono, Narsito

Abstract: In this research, polyethylene glycol (PEG) and rice hull ash silica were blended to modify chitosan membrane to improve the adsorption...

Authors: Ik Jin Kim, Hae Jin Lee

Abstract: NaX molecular sieve films on ceramic paper prepared by in-situ hydrothermal method were investigated. The NaX zeolite seed crystals of a...

Authors: R.E. Levänen

Abstract: Consolidation of colloidal particles onto porous ceramic substrate is the critical issue in the ceramic membrane preparation. The membrane...

Authors: Sang An Ha, Dong Kyun Kim, Woo Jin Lee, Chang Yong Kang, Kwon Hoo Kim, Jei Pil Wang

Abstract: Comparison study of oxidation behavior of low carbon steel was conducted at the temperature range of 500°C to 700°C under a 0.2 atm oxygen...

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