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Authors: Wei Dong, Xu Peng, Da Chuan Jiang, Yi Tan, Qiang Wang, Guo Bin Li

Abstract: In order to investigate Ca evaporation behavior in the electron beam melting process, metallurgical-grade silicon was melted in an electron...

Authors: Xiang Yang Mei, Wen Hui Ma, Kui Xian Wei, Yong Nian Dai

Abstract: The main raw material of solar energy is multi-crystalline silicon. Directional solidification technique is one important technological...

Authors: Da Chuan Jiang, Wei Dong, Yi Tan, Qiang Wang, Xu Peng, Guo Bin Li

Abstract: The growth in the solar energy technology caused inshortage solar grade Si. As a lowcost, environmental friendly technology, metallurgical...

Authors: Ji Jun Wu, Wen Hui Ma, Bin Yang, Da Chun Liu, Yong Nian Dai

Abstract: The diffusion layer and melt of silicon-boron are respectively obtained after quenched in water at 1300 oC by using metallurgical grade...

Authors: Ke Qiang Xie, Zhan Liang Yu, Wen Hui Ma, Yang Zhou, Yong Nian Dai

Abstract: In this paper, removal of iron from metallurgical grade silicon with pressure leaching is carried out. We investigated the factors such as...

Authors: Yu Liu, Dong Liang Lu, Yu Yan Hu, Tao Lin, Yan Hui Sun, Hong Yu Chen, Qian Shu Li

Abstract: A low-cost process for removing boron from metallurgical grade silicon was developed by Si-Al alloying, and the separation procedure of...

Authors: Yu Yan Hu, Dong Liang Lu, Tao Lin, Yu Liu, Bo Wang, Chang Juan Guo, Yan Hui Sun, Hong Yu Chen, Qian Shu Li

Abstract: Refining of solar grade silicon by metallurgical method is the research hotspot of polycrystalline field. Slagging method is benefit to the...

Authors: Yong Chao Gao, Bai Tong Zhao

Abstract: As solar energy is inexhaustible, solar cells have become one of the options to the future energy. The raw material silicon as one of the...

Authors: Rui Xun Zou, Da Chuan Jiang, Wei Dong, Zheng Gu, Yi Tan

Abstract: The electron beam injection (EBI) process involves offering electrons around silicon powder, whose surface was oxidized, and subsequently...

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