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Authors: Wu Ming Zhang, Zhen Yu Li, Tao Chen, Jian Jiang Yao, Yang Lv, Min Li, Guang Li
Chapter 2: Nanotechnology and Micro/Nano Electro Mechanical Systems
Abstract:A hybrid-structured microfluidic chip integrating optical fiber sensing technology and bioluminescence chemical reaction mechanism was...
Authors: Xiao Wei Liu, Xiao Wei Han, He Zhang, Xi Yun Jiang, Lin Zhao
Chapter 4: Microfluidics and Nanofluidics
Abstract:A new bonding technique mainly for PMMA microfluidic chips is presented in this paper. In this technique, polymer microfluidic microchannels...
Authors: Jun Sheng Wang, You Nan Song, Jin Yang Sun, Hui Chu, Jin Hu Jiang, Xin Xiang Pan, Ye Qing Sun, Dong Qing Li
Chapter 10: Biomedical Engineering
Abstract:Evaluation of radiation dose is very important for the detection of radiation damage. γ-H2AX is a popular biological dosimeter to evaluate...
Authors: Hai Xia Yu, Da Chao Li, Yong Jie Ji, Xiao Li Zhang, Ke Xin Xu
Chapter 4: Microfluidics and Nanofluidics
Abstract:A five layer microfluidic chip which is designed and fabricated for interstitial fluid (ISF) transdermal extraction, collection, and...
Authors: Cong Xiao Zhang, Xue Fei Lv, Hong Qing, Yu Lin Deng
Chapter 7: Bioresearch and Medicine Technologies
Abstract:In this paper, microfluidic chips supply a miniature platform for aptamer biosensor in thrombin detection. The aptamer biosensor was...
Authors: Jun Cai, Jun Feng Pan, Ming Li Chen, Yu Wang, De Yuan Zhang
Chapter 8: Bio-inspired Sensor
Abstract:In order to fabricate biosensors with high sensitivity, the diatom Coscinodiscus excentricus was cultured on a microfluidic chip made...
Authors: Tao Chen, Shao Qian Li, Ming Qiang Pan, Ji Zhu Liu, Yang Jun Wang, Li Guo Chen, Li Ning Sun
Chapter 4: Mechanical Engineering and Manufacturing
Abstract:A kind of microfluidic chip based on dielectrophoresis(DEP) is designed for the purpose of trapping two particles with different sizes. In...
Authors: Jian Dong Xu, Xue Fei Lv, Yun Liu, Xiao Qiong Li, Yu Lin Deng
Chapter 9: Mechatronics
Abstract:In this study, the design and development of an integrated control system for microfluidic PCR analysis instrument was presented. PID...
Authors: Hong Peng Zhang, Wen Huang, Yin Dong Zhang, Yan Shen, Dong Qing Li
Chapter 3: Solid Mechanics
Abstract:Wear debris in hydraulic oil causes most of the faults of hydraulic system and is also an important information carrier, so it is essential...
Authors: Xiao Wei Han, Xiao Wei Liu, Li Tian, He Zhang, Yao Liu, Zhi Gang Mao
Chapter 2: Micro/Nanofluids Research and Technologies
Abstract:We discuss the effect of joule heat which comes from eletroosmosis flow on the microfluidic chip. Our microfluidic chips are fabricated from...
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