Microgrids (MGs)

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Authors: Xiao Dong Li, Zhong Xing Dong, Wei Zong, Zong Qi Liu
Chapter 4: Geothermal Energy, Fuel Cell, Energy-saving Technology and Storage Technology
Abstract:This paper analyzes the battery dynamic characteristics as well as some existing battery models, then presents a universal battery model...
Authors: Cheng Liu, Zhe Li, Hui Wang, Lei Xia
Chapter 9: Renewable Energy, Energy Saving Building, Low-Carbon Building, Ecological Building
Abstract:Nowadays we advocate low carbon economy, energy conservation and emission reduction, emphasize the harmonious development of human being and...
Authors: Gui Ying Liu, Yong Guang Gui, Shi Ping Su, Qian Luo, Jiang Wu, Xue Rui Jia
Chapter 4: Mechatronics, Measurement and Detection, Control and Automation, Mechanics Applications
Abstract:For the different operation mode of micro-grid, an improved droop control method and a parallel inverter was proposed depending on the study...
Authors: Ling Xiao Hu, Jing Li Mao, Bi Ling Zhang, An Shi Zhou
X. Communications and Information Technology Applications
Abstract:Micro-grid, which coordinates distributed energy resources in a decentralized way, is a promising approach to allow distributed energy...
Authors: Dong Liang Nan, Xiu Fan Le, Peng Peng Kang
Chapter 11: Smart Grid Technologies
Abstract:With the development of micro-grid, the protection and control technologies for micro-grid have withdrawn broad attention. By analyzing the...
Authors: Guan Qi Liu, Ting Hu, Jin Jiao Lin
Chapter 6: Power and Electric Systems, Electronics and Microelectronics, Embedded and Integrated Systems
Abstract:This paper investigates a frequency coordination control strategy for islanded microgrid. The dynamic process is divided into three levels...
Authors: Wei Si Deng, Bu Han Zhang, Hong Fa Ding, Jian Shao, Bing Jie Jin
Chapter 8: Power Electronics and Power Drives
Abstract:Distributed renewable energy connected to the power grid in the form of micro-grid, which makes a great impact on the power quality of the...
Authors: Xiao Qi Chen, Hong Jie Jia
Chapter 22: Power Grid and Smart Grid Technologies
Abstract:The droop control is commonly used as the control strategy in microgrid. The traditional droop control only considers the relation between...
Authors: Zhang Xi, Gui Bin Zou, Tian Chun
Chapter 4: Power and Energy: Engineering and Applications
Abstract:Based on the analysis of the disadvantages of the several protection schemes for microgrid, the paper proposes a novel current protection...
Authors: Lei Zhou, Hong Da Liu, Ming Jie Chen, Nai Jun Shen
Chapter 21: Power Electronics and Power Drives
Abstract:On the basis of analyzing the synthesis application of p-q (instantaneous reactive power) theory and unit vector template, a multi-functional...
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