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Authors: Xue Jun Wang, Tie Cheng Lu, Yue Feng Sun
Abstract: To determine the optimal doping concentration, a series of Mn:MgAl2O4 were successfully prepared through vacuum-sintering with the highest doping concentration up to 35%. Samples with a low doping concentration exhibit a light green color. When the doping concentration increases, its color becomes deeper and deeper and when the doping concentration reaches 14%, their colors become brown and deeper brown when their concentrations further increase. The crystal phases of the samples were manifested by XRD measurements and their photoluminescence properties were studied. Combined with phase analysis, optimal doping concentration of transparent ceramics has been determined. In addition, the mechanism for fluorescence of Mn:MgAl2O4 transparent ceramics has also been discussed.
Authors: Tie Cheng Lu, Xue Jun Wang, Bing Xun Cheng, Qiang Hu, Shao Bo Dun
Abstract: In this paper, transparent ceramics Mn:MgAl2O4, which are potentially applicable in visibleband laser field, were prepared and their light transmission and photoluminescence properties were investigated. In experiment, Mn:MgAl2O4 powders with two kinds of doping concentrations of 0.5 and 1.0 at% were synthesized through a high-temperature calcination method with NH4Al(SO4)2·12H2O and MgSO4·7H2O as raw materials, and with MnSO4·H2O as dopant. Transparent ceramics Mn:MgAl2O4 were prepared through vacuum hot-pressing sintering at 1750oC for 1 h, and subsequent vacuumannealing at 1700oC for 2 h. The samples were measured by means of light transmission and photoluminescence. The results show that transparent ceramics Mn:MgAl2O4 can be prepared by a low-cost powder technique and vacuum hot-pressing sintering. Two channels of visible-band luminescence, one peak around 520nm and one wideband centered at 650nm, respectively, can be shown. The intensity of their luminescence increases with increasing doping concentration. Obviously, it possesses a potential application in the field of visible-band solid tunable laser material with high doping concentration.
Authors: Yue Feng Sun, Tie Cheng Lu, Xue Jun Wang, Mu Yun Lei, Cun Xin Huang
Abstract: 5.0at% and 10.0at% Mn-doped MgAl2O4 transparent ceramics have been prepared through vacuum sintering (1750°C /2h) and subsequent hot isostatic pressing (HIP) (1650°C /2h). The effect of microstructure on the light transmittance of the sintered MgAl2O4 is discussed. Results showed that the grains became dense and grain boundary became clear and most of pores inside and between grains were removed, so the transmittance of two samples increased. The optical transmittance of the 5.0at% specimens was increased by one times in the visible light wavelength region. HIP treatment has a great effect on improving the transparency of samples with low doping concentrations.
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