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Authors: Zhao Huan Tang, Kai Zhou Tan, Wei Cui, Bin Wang

Abstract: Based on SiGe virtual substrate technology, a high-performance strained NMOS is obtained. By growing 2~3μm SiGe relaxed layer, 100~200nm...

Authors: Matthieu Florentin, Mihaela Alexandru, Aurore Constant, Bernd Schmidt, Philippe Godignon

Abstract: This work presents the 10 MeV protons irradiation effects on 4H-SiC MOSFETs at different fluences. MOSFETs main electrical parameters, such...

Authors: Toshiya Yokogawa, Kunimasa Takahashi, Osamu Kusumoto, Masao Uchida, Kenya Yamashita, Makoto Kitabatake
Authors: Jia Tai Gang, Peng Yan Shi, San Shan Gang

Abstract: A cellular automata model with inhomogeneity and mobility was presented. The inhomogeneity in individuals’ behaviors was considered by...

Authors: Yong Qiang Xu, Ming Yin

Abstract: The mobile grids bring some additional features into the grid, such as mobility, energy-constrained, etc. And the task scheduling becomes a...

Authors: Yan Huang

Abstract: Solute drag theory is critically revisited and an alternative approach is presented to account for the effect of solute elements on grain...

Authors: Anthony D. Rollett
Authors: Ji Sheng Han, K.Y. Cheong, Sima Dimitrijev, Michael Laube, Gerhard Pensl
Authors: Hyun Jong Cha, Jin Mook Kim, Hwang Bin Ryou

Abstract: A mobile ad-hoc network is a method of communication between different nodes (mobile devices) without the use of base stations, which are...

Authors: M.G. Cheong, Kyung Sik Oh, Eun Kyung Suh, H.J. Lee
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