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Authors: Camelia Avram, Adina Astilean, Radu Florin Miron
Abstract: The Road Traffic Monitoring and Control System (RTMCS) presented in this paper is intended to offer support for the surveillance, control and monitoring of road networks. It integrates complex components in a modular, flexible and open structure in order to validate models that take into account real time constraints and include tools to simulate various traffic scenarios and communication technologies, WEB based virtual instrumentation, personalized user interfaces and relational data. The system can be used to change the configuration of the road map (to design new streets segments) or to visualize the results of the different traffic scenarios implying the tuning of various parameters. RTMCS also offers several advantages, one of the most important consisting of the possibility to choose different configuration and components using a web browser. An implementation variant, including suitable, promising new technologies, different maps configurations, communication devices and protocols and routing systems is presented and analyzed. A large set of experiments and the corresponding results highlight the functionality of the configurable virtual web instrument concept illustrated by the proposed system. Aspects regarding the possibility of a subsequent integration of new tools are also presented.
Authors: Quan Zhou, Chao Liu
Abstract: Multimedia teaching is more and more widely applied in education of college, which has many advantages, such as vivid, highlight and so on. With the development of computer technology, three-dimensional model has been applied in various fields. It can be very good to solve huge structure, detail structure expression is not clear. Through it, students can see like a real engineering entity, which can stimulate students interest and improve the ability of understanding. In this paper, we have a further study of modeling method, and use the 3ds Max modeling software to establish expander model of the unit. According to the method of impeller modeling to verify the modeling way which has been chosen in this paper is practical. It has many advantages for the 3ds Max software technology in the application of multimedia teaching.
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