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Authors: Zu Jun Ding, Jun Fang Ni, Li Li Lu, Xiao Wei Xu
Abstract: This virtual system, which is based on virtual manufacturing and NC processing technique for NC milling, is developed by Visual C++6.0. The system can edit, check and debug the NC programs to realize the 3D dynamic simulation of machining processes and collision-checking during cutting processes.
Authors: Yan Cao, Li Wei Jia, Sen Cao, Yu Bai
Abstract: Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is a job-shop production oriented management information system and the bridge between production plan management layer and job-shop control layer in an enterprise. Job-shop scheduling is the core module of MES, which direct affects the efficiency of production and management in the enterprise. According to the characteristics of discrete production management, a job-shop production scheduling system is presented that adapts to multi-variety small-batch production. A MES architecture for dynamic discrete production and its core modules are presented. Then, dynamic job-shop production scheduling problem is visually modeled and simulated based on Witness to realize optimal resource deployment.
Authors: Rui Bo Yuan, Min He, Zong Cheng Zhang
Abstract: Introduction of a water synchronous hydraulic system , the special physical and chemical properties for water and the position requirements in Synchronous control , mathematical models is based on the system and simulate the position control performance of the system . there is a reference value of water hydraulic field application of synchronous controlling.
Authors: Virgil Florescu, Lucian Capitanu, Dorin Rus
Abstract: Consequences of the wear processes at screws and barrels of injection machines and extruders for processing of plastics reinforced with short glass fibers, arise after a longer time (10,000 cycles). Because of this they are working that through appropriate modeling attempts on the profits to be obtained in a short time as much information relating to both the mechanisms of wear and its size, so that the effect can be easily confuted in practice. Starting from the idea that the greatest pressure and velocity of composite melted is in the die nozzle, was an experimental nozzle with wear samples of sizes and weights which can be measured with precision as good. For a larger accuracy of measurements, we used a method for radiometric measuring, extremely accurate. Different nitriding steels have been studied as nitriding treatments, as well as some special steels and alloyed steels. Besides these, there have been preliminary attempts made to describe and checking corrosive action of termoplastelor on metals. This was another way of checking the wear testing of the samples semi-cylindrical wear samples, which served to simulate the wear of the top layer of the barrel and screw. The first results showed that wear increases depending on the increased pressure. One of the findings is that in similar conditions of injection, with the same content of glass fiber, polyamide 6.6 produces a wear greater than polycarbonate. It was also found that increasing the concentration of glass fibres increase the surfaces wear of barrels and screws.
Authors: Hui Yang, Jia Jun Liu, Xiao Bao Zhang
Abstract: Based on being a modeling process of the network learning system essentially, it has three elements of learning environment, learning, learning activities, and three dimensions of conceptual model, physical model and logical model. From the method aspect, it has analytical method, theoretical basis, model design; from logical view, it has branch learning resource, learning control management and students' interaction layer. Focus on the analysis of the learning system model of learning resources and learning system modeling.
Authors: Camelia Avram, Adina Astilean, Radu Florin Miron
Abstract: The Road Traffic Monitoring and Control System (RTMCS) presented in this paper is intended to offer support for the surveillance, control and monitoring of road networks. It integrates complex components in a modular, flexible and open structure in order to validate models that take into account real time constraints and include tools to simulate various traffic scenarios and communication technologies, WEB based virtual instrumentation, personalized user interfaces and relational data. The system can be used to change the configuration of the road map (to design new streets segments) or to visualize the results of the different traffic scenarios implying the tuning of various parameters. RTMCS also offers several advantages, one of the most important consisting of the possibility to choose different configuration and components using a web browser. An implementation variant, including suitable, promising new technologies, different maps configurations, communication devices and protocols and routing systems is presented and analyzed. A large set of experiments and the corresponding results highlight the functionality of the configurable virtual web instrument concept illustrated by the proposed system. Aspects regarding the possibility of a subsequent integration of new tools are also presented.
Authors: Quan Zhou, Chao Liu
Abstract: Multimedia teaching is more and more widely applied in education of college, which has many advantages, such as vivid, highlight and so on. With the development of computer technology, three-dimensional model has been applied in various fields. It can be very good to solve huge structure, detail structure expression is not clear. Through it, students can see like a real engineering entity, which can stimulate students interest and improve the ability of understanding. In this paper, we have a further study of modeling method, and use the 3ds Max modeling software to establish expander model of the unit. According to the method of impeller modeling to verify the modeling way which has been chosen in this paper is practical. It has many advantages for the 3ds Max software technology in the application of multimedia teaching.
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