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Authors: Fei Wang, Xi Chen Yang
Chapter 5: Advanced Machining and Materials Processing Technology
Abstract:The powder feeder head is studied, which is one of the key to laser cladding. In view of many coaxial nozzles that are used nowadays, we have...
Authors: Wei Min Ge, Ying Lin Lei, Xiao Feng Wang, Hua Jin Zhang, Zhen Min Liu
Chapter 4: Mechatronics, Robotics, Control and Automation
Abstract:This paper presents a novel docking mechanism, based on a new type of mobile modular self-reconfigurable robot named M2SBot. The...
Authors: Han Liang, Xiao Feng, Yuan An Li
Chapter 2: General Mechanical Engineering
Abstract:Li-ion power battery which has a broad prospect of application in many industry fields is a new type of high power battery. The...
Authors: Xiao Ping Hu, Xia Feng, Ya Zhou, De Lai Men
Chapter 2: Instrumentation and Measuring Technology, Data Acquisition and Analysis
Abstract:Bag is an important stuff in daily life, which is used to carry personal necessary articles. The elderly people usually cant distinguish the...
Authors: Yun Xia Wang, Zhi Liang Wang, Xiao Yu Ni
Abstract:To improve product family design methods for mass customization currently, scale-based modular method for product family design is proposed....
Authors: Zhi Feng Liu, Yan Lv, Ji Kai Ma
Chapter 11: Virtual Instrument and Automation Instruments
Abstract:According to actual needs of measurement system, the virtual instrument with functions of automatic acquisition and automatic control was...
Authors: Dan Mândru, Ion Lungu, Simona Noveanu, Mihai Olimpiu Tătar
Abstract:The first part of the paper treats the general problems concerning the shape memory alloy actuators and their operation principle. Then, our...
Authors: Liang Chen, Rong Jiao, Jin Quan Liao
Chapter 5: Control, Monitoring and Computer Technologies
Abstract:Modular design is a standardized approach to organically combine standardization and diversification and to effectively integrate multi-type...
Authors: Qian Qian Lu, Wei Shao, Chun Lin Xia
Chapter 1: Measure Control Technologies and Intelligent Systems
Abstract:At present, virtual instrument technology has been widely used in all kinds of tests, measurements and automation fields. Test software is...
Authors: Jing Tao Lei
Abstract:This paper presented model-based integrated design technology for configuration design of modular 3-PRS parallel robot. The kinematics screws...
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