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Authors: Bo Jiang, Xuan Zhou, Song Jin, Cun Yu Li, Ji Lin Li, Yu Xin Li, Yan Ming Zhang

Abstract: Crop genetic diversity is crucial for the environment, for feeding humanity and for sustainable agriculture development, which is providing...

Authors: Xue Bin Li, Xiao Ling Yu, Yun Rui Guo, Zhi Feng Xiang, Kun Zhao, Fei Ren

Abstract: Recently, largescale, high-density single-nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) marker information has become available. However, the simple...

Authors: Xue Bin Li, Xiao Ling Yu, Xiao Jian Zhang

Abstract: Vast amount of bioinformation immerged in the past, HapMap Project had genotyped more than 3.1 million Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms...

Authors: Zhou Xuan, Hong Dao Zhang, Zheng Hong Li, Cheng Zhang, Ji Lin Li, Yan Ming Zhang

Abstract: Plants are fundamental to life, being the basis of our food production and an essential part of the global ecosystem on which life on earth...

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