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Authors: Giorgio Lulli, Roberta Nipoti

Abstract: In this work under-mask penetration of Al+ ions implanted in 4H-SiC is investigated by computer simulation based on the Monte-Carlo binary...

Authors: A.S. Shirinyan, Yu. S. Bilogorodskyy

Abstract: The process of phase formation at the initial stage of the reaction diffusion and growth of a new phase particles - at the atomic level by...

Authors: T.V. Zaporozhets, I.V. Sobchenko, Andriy Gusak

Abstract: The 3D Monte Carlo scheme is proposed for simulation of simultaneous self-consistent current redistribution, surface diffusion, drift and...

Authors: Mo Wen Xie, Zeng Fu Wang, Xiang Yu Liu, Ning Jia

Abstract: The Various methods of optimization or random search have been developed for locating the critical slip surface of a slope and the related...

Authors: Xun Luo, Wei Zhao, Bao Shun Liu, Yan Ming Zhang

Abstract: It is proposed a parallel Monte Carlo algorithm to simulate templated grain growth in sintering ceramics materials. The algorithm applies...

Authors: H.-E. Nilsson, E. Bellotti, K.F. Brennan, M. Hjelm
Authors: Muhammad A. Arafin, Jerzy A. Szpunar

Abstract: A model for intergranular damage propagation in polycrystalline materials is proposed, based on Markov Chain theory, Monte Carlo simulation...

Authors: Hao Xu, Fu Ting Bao, Chen Cheng, Bin Hang Wang

Abstract: In the assessment of internal ballistic performance reliability of Solid Rocket Motor (SRM), eigenvalue discriminance method has long been...

Authors: Hiroshi Okuda, Shojiro Ochiai

Abstract: A Monte Carlo simulation using semi grand canonical ensemble method was applied to examine the condition that precipitation free zone (PFZ)...

Authors: Muhammad A. Arafin, Jian Lu, Jerzy Szpunar

Abstract: In this paper, a multiscale modeling approach has been developed to simulate the intergranular crack propagation in textured polycrystalline...

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