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Authors: M.S. Başpınar, Wolfgang Schulle, Ferhat Kara
Authors: Gui Hua Hou, Zhan Hong Wang, Yui Chi Cui

Abstract: A new idea for improving heat fade performance of organic based friction materials was invented; the method is to dope high specific heat...

Authors: Hai Hong Zhan, Jian Min Zeng, Ping Chen, Zhuo Yi Lin

Abstract: A new porous nozzles for refining molten aluminum were made from mullite,graphite powder, red mud and sodium silicate. The relationships...

Authors: An Ran Guo, Jia Chen Liu, Yi Bing Sun, Wen Jun Lian, Lu Yang

Abstract: A new technique of flyash utilization was presented and high-purity silica was prepared by alkali leaching. The flyash was added into sodium...

Authors: Zhi Yu Liang, Gui Yang Yan, Liu Ping Zheng, Xing Hua Zheng, Yu Zhong Ruan

Abstract: A novel technique of Spent FCC equilibrium catalyst utilization is presented and mullite are prepared from it. The chemical composition,...

Authors: Kai Li, Hai Jian Li, Ping Wu

Abstract: This paper studied the problems met in the quantitative analysis of synthetic Mullite phase,which was based on the analysis of various...

Authors: Tatiana V. Vakalova, Larisa P. Govorova, Antonina A. Reshetova, Anna Y. Tokareva, Ekaterina V. Shvagrukova

Abstract: It is found out that activation of the sintering process for refractory clay-containing raw materials (rusk kaolin and wocheinite) is...

Authors: Pankaj N. Shrirao, Parvezalam I. Shaikh, Farazuddin Zafaruddin, A.N. Pawar

Abstract: Tests were performed on a single cylinder, four stroke, direct injection, diesel engine whose piston crown, cylinder head and valves were...

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