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Authors: Ludmila Mahnicka-Goremikina, Ruta Svinka, Visvaldis Svinka

Abstract: The porous mullite ceramics doped with such metal oxides as ZrO2, WO3 and MgO in quantity of 5 wt% were prepared by...

Authors: Jin Hong Li, Ling Xin Tong, Lei Hou, Jie Shen

Abstract: The effects of MgO and temperature on the properties and microstructure of mullite ceramics synthesized from high-aluminium coal fly ash and...

Authors: Zahra Negahdari, M. Solati, A. Saberi

Abstract: Increased processing pressure has resulted in need for the industry to optimize mechanical properties of ceramic foam filters used for...

Authors: You Fen Li, Qing Liu, Wei Wei Liu, Min Li

Abstract: Dense Mullite/Al2O3 ceramics with a thermal conductivity of 45 W/m.K were obtained at the sintering temperature of 1500°C using Li2O, CaO...

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