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Authors: C. Teixeira, P. Parpot, Isabel Neves, António Maurício C. Fonseca

Abstract: CoPAN complex has been entrapped in the supercages of Y zeolite and the redox properties of this zeolite-encapsulated complex were...

Authors: Maria Teresa Tavares, Cristina Quintelas, Hugo Figueiredo, Isabel Neves

Abstract: This study aims the definition of a new material that may act as a robust and yet cost effective biosorbent for treatment of wastewater...

Authors: Natércia Nunes, Filomena Costa, António Maurício C. Fonseca, Isabel Neves, M.Alice Carvalho, Cristina Ribeiro

Abstract: The encapsulation of Cu(II) purine derivative complex was carried out by ion exchange of the complex from aqueous solutions into zeolite...

Authors: Filomena Costa, António Maurício C. Fonseca, Isabel Neves, Ana P. Carvalho, João Pires

Abstract: A hydride tungsten complex, [WH2(η2-OOCCH3)(Ph2PCH2CH2PPh2)2][BPh4], was entrapped in the interlayer of a pillared layered clay (PILC) and...

Authors: B. Silva, Hugo Figueiredo, Cristina Quintelas, I.C. Neves, T. Tavares

Abstract: The removal of metallic ions from binary aqueous solutions of Fe(III)/Cr(III) and Fe(III)/Cr(VI) by an Arthrobacter viscosus biofilm...

Authors: Wen Jie Zhang, Xin Sun

Abstract: Composite of TiO2 and NaY zeolite was prepared by solid-state dispersion method and the simple mixture of TiO2 and NaY was also compared on...

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