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Authors: Paul J. Warren, M. Thuvander, M. Hourai, H. Lane, Alfred Cerezo, George D.W. Smith
Authors: Shubhra Mathur, Rishi Vyas, S.N. Dolia, Kanu Sachdev, S.K. Sharma

Abstract: Corrosion studies were carried out using potentiodynamic polarization method on amorphous, nanocrystalline and crystalline states of the...

Authors: Zi Ling Xie, Lin Zhu Sun, Fang Yang

Abstract: A theoretical model is developed to account for the effects of strain rate and temperature on the deformation behavior of ultrafine-grained...

Authors: Julia Ivanisenko, Ian MacLaren, Ruslan Valiev, Hans Jorg Fecht

Abstract: Recent studies of nanocrystalline materials have often found that the deformation mechanisms are radically different to those in...

Authors: Mustafa Zaien, Naser Mahmoud Ahmed, Hassan Zainuriah

Abstract: A nanocrystalline CdO thin film was successfully synthesized on p-type silicon substrate with approximately 370 nm thickness by a vapor...

Authors: Jin Song Chen, Yin Hui Huang, Bin Qiao, Jian Ming Yang, Yi Qiang He

Abstract: The principles of jet electrodeposition orientated by rapid prototyping were introduced. The nanocrystalline nickel parts with simple shape...

Authors: Wei Lv

Abstract: For the past few years, nanocrystalline soft magnetic alloy has become hot topic in the field of strategic functional materials based on its...

Authors: Y. Waku, Hideki Ohtsubo, Ki Buem Kim
Authors: F. Mazaleyrat, J. Bigot, J.C. Faugieres, J.F. Rialland
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