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Authors: Tian Hong Guo, Juan Li, Yong Cai Zhang, Zhan Jun Yang

Abstract: An in situ thermal oxidation strategy was proposed for synthesizing different SnO2 nanostructures, using our homemade SnS2 nanoplates as a...

Authors: Radosław Zaleski, Jacek Goworek

Abstract: The ordering of n-nonadecane confined in the pores of MCM-41 silica was investigated by Positron Annihilation Lifetime Spectroscopy. No...

Authors: P.S. Pa

Abstract: A bluge rotational tool has been developed as an effective precision electrochemical removal for the thin film nanostructures from LCD...

Authors: Taek Kyun Jung, T.J. Sung, Mok Soon Kim, Won Yong Kim

Abstract: Al-8Fe-2Mo-2V-1Zr alloy powders were prepared by gas atomization and melt spinning method. In melt spinning technique, melt spun ribbons...

Authors: Sergey Prokoshkin, Vladimir Brailovski, Karine Inaekyan, Andrey Korotitskiy, Sergey Dubinskiy, Mikhail R. Filonov, Mikhail Petrzhik

Abstract: The processes of structure formation in Ti-Ni and in Ti-Nb-Zr, Ti-Nb-Ta shape memory alloys (SMA) under thermomechanical treatment (TMT)...

Authors: Run Fu Li, Hua Li, Hui Ying Chen, Jian Xin Xia, Chun Lin Long

Abstract: Monodisperse nickel phosphide (Ni5P4) nanoparticles supported on carbon (Ni5P4@C) were in situ...

Authors: Hui Zhang

Abstract: α-FeOOH nanorods were fabricated via a one-step hydrothermal approach using iron nitrate hydrate...

Authors: Ya Hui Zhang, Xi Cheng, Qing Wang

Abstract: A low-temperature precursor sulfuration route has been established to prepare metal sulfides with different nanostructures during the...

Authors: Ming Horng Su, Hung Chang Chen

Abstract: This paper studies the phase transitions of Cu and Ni alloys as they cool from melting temperature to room temperature under high-pressure...

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