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Authors: Mark Knop, Nick Birbilis, Stan Lynch

Abstract: The processes involved in corrosion fatigue in general are briefly outlined, followed by a brief review of recent studies on the effects of...

Authors: Terry C. Lowe

Abstract: Recent research on the fatigue properties of nanostructured metals and alloys has shown that they generally possess superior high cycle...

Authors: M. Ponga, Ignasio Romero, M. Ortiz, M.P. Ariza

Abstract: Tensile failure of metals often occurs through void nucleation, growth and coalescence. This work is concerned with the study of plastic...

Authors: Alexander Stronski

Abstract: Defect configuration of Ge5As37S58 chalcogenide glasses was studied by positron annihilation lifetime...

Authors: Koji Inoue, Yasuyoshi Nagai, Yuzuru Sasaki, Zheng Tang, Hideaki Ohkubo, Masuyuki Hasegawa
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