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Authors: Vincent Klosek, Marie Helene Mathon, M.H. Aouni, Rémi Chiron, Vincent Ji

Abstract: By associating texture determinations and strains measurements by neutron diffraction, the elastoplastic behaviours of families of...

Authors: Julia Repper, Markus Niffenegger, Steven van Petegem, Werner Wagner, Helena van Swygenhoven

Abstract: Complex strain paths are often applied to materials during production processes. This paper shows the first successful in-situ biaxial...

Authors: Mihyun Kang, Wan Chuck Woo, Vyacheslav Em, Young Kook Lee, Baek Seok Seong

Abstract: Deformation behavior of high Mn TWIP (twinning induced plasticity) steels was observed using neutron diffraction. Two kinds of specimens...

Authors: Matthias Reihle, Michael Hofmann, Uwe Wasmuth, Wolfram Volk, Hartmut Hoffmann, Winfried Petry

Abstract: Composite castings exhibit high residual stresses, mainly because of different thermal expansion of the used materials. Similar to the...

Authors: Peter Staron, Felix Beckmann, Thomas Lippmann, Andreas Stark, Michael Oehring, Florian Pyczak, Mario Salgado, Norbert Hort, Helmut Eckerlebe, Karl Ulrich Kainer, Martin Müller, Andreas Schreyer

Abstract: High-energy X-rays and neutrons offer the large penetration depths that are often required for the determination of bulk properties in...

Authors: Wei Min Gan, Yuan Ding Huang, Yu Ling Xu, Michael Hofmann, Karl Ulrich Kainer, Nobert Hort

Abstract: A new Mg-RE (rare earth) alloy was previously developed by micro-alloying method (RE< 0.4 wt.%), which achieves a high ductility and good...

Authors: Alexander M. Korsunsky, Karen E. Wells, Brian A. Shaw
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