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Authors: Yao Ning Sun, Ding Fan, Yu Feng Zheng, Min Zheng, Jian Bin Zhang

Abstract: Laser cladding technique was used to form Ni3Si intermetallic composite coating reinforced by in-situ formation NbC particles on Ni-based...

Authors: Uilame Umbelino Gomes, C. de Souza, Francisca de Fatima P. Medeiros, A.G.P. Silva, C. Ciaravino, M. Roubin
Authors: Céline Hin, Frédéric Soisson, Philippe Maugis

Abstract: The precipitation of niobium carbides in industrial steels is commonly used to control the recrystallization process or the amount of...

Authors: Akihiro Nino, Kaori Morimura, Shigeaki Sugiyama, Hitoshi Taimatsu

Abstract: Powder mixtures of WC–(0–2 mol%) NbC and WC–1.5 mol% NbC–(0–5 mol%) C were sintered at 1800°C using a resistance-heated hot-pressing...

Authors: A.S. Silva, H. Scatena, Antonio Eduardo Martinelli, Clodomiro Alves Jr.
Authors: Wilson Acchar, Harim Revoredo de Macedo

Abstract: Cemented carbides have been intensively used as cutting tool through their high hardness, high fracture toughness and high wear resistance....

Authors: A.H. Rumbao, José Carlos Bressiani, Ana Helena A. Bressiani
Authors: Wilson Acchar, Marcus Diniz, Carlos Alberto Alves Cairo
Authors: A. Rubio, Elena Gordo, Francisco Velasco, N. Candela, José M. Torralba
Authors: Philippe Maugis, Dominique Gendt, S. Lanteri, P. Barges
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