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Authors: Yo Tomota, K. Ikeda, Mayumi Ojima, Junichi Suzuki, Takashi Kamiyama
Authors: Chi Yang

Abstract: The reaction of N2 with lithium at electrode in lithium ion batteries was reported in this paper. At room temperature,...

Authors: Wen Xia Xie, Kun Jie Zhu, Hui Na Du

Abstract: As a supplementary theory of ecological system research, ecological stoichiometry has been applied to many research fields of wetland...

Authors: Peter Deák, B. Aradi, Adam Gali, Uwe Gerstmann, Wolfgang J. Choyke
Authors: Jae Kyoung Shin, Soo Woo Nam, Soo Chan Lee

Abstract: To understand the effects of nitrogen on high temperature, creep-rupture tests have been conducted at 973 and 1073K for 18Cr-9Ni austenitic...

Authors: Darren M. Hansen, Gil Chung, Mark J. Loboda

Abstract: A detailed understanding of the incorporation of N2 gas during PVT growth of SiC is required to achieve high performance, low resistivity...

Authors: Yi Xin Xu, Hua Yong Zhang, Xiang Xu, Jing Zhao, Fei Li

Abstract: Eco-exergy which is a thermodynamic indicator is applied to assess the ecosystem health status of QiXing Lake. And effects of nitrogen and...

Authors: Su Chen, Lei Chao, Ning Chen, Lin Shan Wang, Xin Liu, Li Na Sun

Abstract: In this experiment, water hyacinth presents a good purification effect in five kinds of eutrophic waters with initial total nitrogen (TN)...

Authors: Jun Hu Liu, Bart Blanpain, Patrick Wollants

Abstract: TiB2 coatings were plasma sprayed in air and were studied by XPS. There are five elements in the top surface of the studied coatings,...

Authors: Alexander Mattausch, M. Bockstedte, Oleg Pankratov

Abstract: We investigated the the interstitial configurations of the p-type dopants boron and aluminum and the n-type dopants nitrogen and phosphorus...

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