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Authors: Shan Dai, Jin Gang Qi, Zuo Fu Zhao, Jian Zhong Wang

Abstract: In the unmodified and EP-modified melt of Q235 steel, the solidification behavior including the nucleation and growth of crystals has been...

Authors: Olivier Kim-Hak, Maher Soueidan, Gabriel Ferro, Olivier Dezellus, Ariadne Andreadou, Davy Carole, Efstathios K. Polychroniadis, Jean Claude Viala

Abstract: Twin-free 3C-SiC layers were recently obtained by Vapour-Liquid-Solid mechanism on a a-SiC(0001) substrate using Si-Ge melt. The formation...

Authors: A.S. Shirinyan, Yu. S. Bilogorodskyy

Abstract: The process of phase formation at the initial stage of the reaction diffusion and growth of a new phase particles - at the atomic level by...

Authors: I.V. Sobchenko, Andriy Gusak, K.N. Tu
Authors: Zsuzsanna Sükösd, Kristofer Hannesson, Gui Lin Wu, Dorte Juul Jensen

Abstract: The distribution of nucleation sites in 90% cold rolled aluminium (AA1050) annealed for 1h at 280°C has been determined by serial...

Authors: Matthew R. Barnett, Aiden G. Beer

Abstract: An analytical approximation for the steady state dynamic recrystallized grain size is combined with a simple nucleation criterion to assess...

Authors: Ji Yong Yao, D.A. Graham, Malcolm J. Couper
Authors: Shao Bo Zheng, Cun Bo Yang, Dan Zhao, Hui Gai Li

Abstract: A computational model which is based on the classical homogenous nucleation theory was developed to analyse the alumina inclusion-nucleation...

Authors: Glenn E. Beltz, Margherita Chang, Anna Machová
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