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Authors: Atsushi Osao, Gulbahar Wahap, Yoko Takakura, Norio Arai, Yoshifumi Konishi, Kazuaki Fukasaku, Nobumasa Kikuchi

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to accumulate data to predict the ruptures of aneurysms on the bifurcation of the middle cerebral arteries at...

Authors: Yi Hao, Lu Feng, Jing Wang

Abstract: Studies of strain gradient plasticity theory have achieved considerable achievements in recent years. However, the combination of the...

Authors: Xiao Ling Lei, Ji Wan, Kun Ping Chen, Bo Tao, Xiao Tao Fang

Abstract: The 2-D and 3-D numerical model have been developed to predict flow state and outlet velocity distribution by FLUENT based on the...

Authors: Y.L. Liu, B. Lv, P. Zhang, W.L. Wei

Abstract: In this paper, we use 3D time-averaged equations and the 3D k-ε turbulence model to numerically simulate the flow in a horizontal...

Authors: Hong Xian Liu, Bin Xia Li

Abstract: By using the computational fluid dynamics software Fluent and the choice of the reasonable mathematical model, the flow, heat transfer and...

Authors: Wei Ji, Peter M. Lofgren, Christer Hallin, Chun-Yuan Gu
Authors: B. Michel, Thomas Helfer, I. Ramière, C. Esnoul

Abstract: This paper focuses on the numerical simulation of crack initiation and growth in ceramic materials. This work is devoted to nuclear fuel...

Authors: Xia Jin, Shi Hong Lu

Abstract: Bending of the aluminum alloy is one of the processes frequently applied during manufacture of aircraft sheet metal. The bending operation...

Authors: Cheng Xiang Zhu, Chun Ling Zhu, Bin Fu

Abstract: Ice accretion on 3D complex configuration is studied by numerical methods. The flow field is obtained by using Fluent 6.0 with a S-A...

Authors: Zheng Zhao Liang, Chun An Tang, De Shen Zhao, Yong Bin Zhang, Tao Xu, Hou Quan Zhang

Abstract: A newly developed numerical code MFPA3D is applied to simulate the progressive damage and failure process of laminated cylindrical...

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