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Authors: Li Hong Qiao, Ahmad Zia, Na Cai

Abstract: The scope of design optimization differs from one industry to another. In various situations, new part design is an instance of previously...

Authors: Xiu Ling Han, Fu Jian Zhou, Chun Ming Xiong, Xiong Fei Liu, Xian You Yang

Abstract: A new composite reservoir simulation model of lower computation cost was used to optimize hydraulic fracture length and fracture...

Authors: Zhong Min Wang, Yu Jun Cai, D.H. Miao

Abstract: A new improved genetic algorithm (IGA) based on floating point encoding is proposed. Firstly, IGA uses information entropy to produce better...

Authors: Yuan Bo Cui, Min De Shen, Yu Xin Zhao

Abstract: Types of tire storage and their advantages and disadvantages were introduced, a optimization design method for the tire gravity-type AS/RS...

Authors: Ki Hyun Kim, Dae Gab Gweon, Hyun Soo Jung, Soo Hun Lee, Min Sung Hong, Moon G. Lee

Abstract: Design of design of X-Y-Theta fine stage using VCM (voice coil motor) is presented in this paper. This fine stage is combined with linear...

Authors: Fu Qiang Ying, Yi Wang, Ling Dong Wu, Liang Yi Li

Abstract: With the optimization design method of FE,the FE model of vertical flange lathe beam of double-tool holder was established,the sensitivity...

Authors: Jen Sheng Shie, Ming Chang Shih

Abstract: This paper discusses about how to optimize design of an aerostatic bearing. In order to achieve the objective, there are four necessary...

Authors: Ki Sung Kim, Kyung Su Kim, Hyoung Jin Park

Abstract: Grillage is common types of structures in marine and land-based structural system. Grillage system that increases the stiffness of plate...

Authors: Ching Hui Tang, Wei Chung Wang

Abstract: The airline-specific gate which is exclusively used by a specific airline has been applied in many airports. In this study, we follow the...

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