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Authors: Guo Qiang Li, Yong Qin Liu, Wen Jiang Liu

Abstract: As the optimum of extremum value control system drifts faster it may make bigger error for pre-estimating statically the optimum, it is...

Authors: You Xin Luo, Wei Yue Xiao

Abstract: The non-equal-interval direct optimum Verhulst GM(1,1) model was built which extended equal interval to non-equal-interval and suited for...

Authors: Fathallah Elsayed, Hui Qi, Li Li Tong, Mahmoud Helal

Abstract: Recently, submersible pressure hulls with fiber-reinforced multilayer constructions have been developed as substitutes for classical...

Authors: Yong Hua Yang, Jie Wu

Abstract: The mathematical model of optimal design for prestressed structures is established and a two-level algorithm based on hybrid variables is...

Authors: Mojdeh Shirazi Manesh, Seyed Mohammadali Motavallian, Parviz Fattahi

Abstract: Adaptive Response Surface Methodology (ARSM) is a new developed method sequentially estimates the optimum of a complex function in a...

Authors: Feng Jie Wang

Abstract: The effect of extraction temperature,extraction time,alcohol concentration, ratio of material to liquid (g/ml)on extraction yield of natural...

Authors: Xiao Sheng Song, Guo Qiang Xu

Abstract: The influence of fly ash content, water-cement ratio, sand ratio and polycarboxylic acid type water-reducer dosage on the early-strength and...

Authors: Tie Bin Wu, Tao Yun Zhou, Wen Li, Gao Feng Zhu, Yun Lian Liu

Abstract: A particle swarm algorithm (PSO) based on boundary buffering-natural evolution was proposed for solving constrained optimization problems....

Authors: Guo Qiang Li, Yong Qin Liu, Wen Jiang Liu

Abstract: As to the optimum of extremum value controlled plant, if the transfer function of its linear part is only with the high order dynamic...

Authors: Guang Fu Li, Long Shan Wang
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