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Authors: Jin Xi Wang, Lin Xiang Liu, Xiu Zheng Li

Abstract: The watershed algorithm has been widely used in image segmentation for its characteristics of accurately positioning edge, simple operation...

Authors: Qiang Qiang Li, Wei Li

Abstract: In order to solve the problem of over-segmentation of traditional watershed algorithm, an improved watershed segmentation algorithm of the...

Authors: Zhu Lin Wang, Bin Fang, Xi Wei Guo

Abstract: Abstract. Image segmentation is a key technology in image engineering, it occupy an important position. This paper introduces the watershed...

Authors: Wei Dong Lei, Kai Li, Xue Ping Wang

Abstract: Reasonable distribution of the rock fragmentation can reduce the overall cost in a mining industry. Digital image processing technique can...

Authors: Ping Wang, Rong Chen, Wei Luo, Rui Hua Xia

Abstract: In the process of macrophage image manufacture, cell adhesion often appears because of equipment or man-made reason and then influences...

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