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Authors: Lei Yang, Hua Li, He Zhou Liu, Yang Yang Zhang

Abstract: Mixture powders with different ratio of Ag/γ-TiAl were deposited on titanium alloy by low presure plasma spray and thermal treatment was...

Authors: Matthieu Florentin, Mihaela Alexandru, Aurore Constant, Bernd Schmidt, Philippe Godignon

Abstract: This work presents the 10 MeV protons irradiation effects on 4H-SiC MOSFETs at different fluences. MOSFETs main electrical parameters, such...

Authors: H. Maupas, Jean-Louis Chermant
Authors: Robert S. Okojie, Ming Xhang, P. Pirouz, Sergey P. Tumakha, Gregg Jessen, Leonard J. Brillson
Authors: Jody Fronheiser, Kevin Matocha, Vinayak Tilak, Leonard C. Feldman

Abstract: The SiO2/SiC interface is characterized for carbon accumulation using the carbon isotope 13C as a marker layer combined with secondary ion...

Authors: Takahiro Yamasaki, Nobuo Tajima, Tomoaki Kaneko, Nobutaka Nishikawa, Jun Nara, Tatsuo Schimizu, Koichi Kato, Takahisa Ohno

Abstract: The 4H-SiC(000-1)C and (0001)Si surface reconstructed structures and the oxidation processes of these surfaces are...

Authors: Jadesada Rujisomnapa, Surasak Surinphong, Pornwasa Wongpanya

Abstract: The objective of this research is to study wear behaviors of TiN, nanolaminated AlCrN and nanocomposite TiAlSiN coated on cemented carbide...

Authors: Shun Myung Shin, Jei Pil Wang

Abstract: Stainless steel materials (FeCr and FeCrNi-based alloys) are employed in a wide range of modern applications due to their ability to...

Authors: R.M. Persoons, P. Diels, M. Mertens
Authors: Hong Li Wu, Xin Qing Zhao, Jian Xu, Chun Gen Zhou, Hui Bin Xu

Abstract: A first principle study was performed to discuss the high temperature oxidation mechanism of NiTi alloys with the special emphasis on the...

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