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Authors: F. García-Vázquez, A. Aguirre, Ana Arizmendi-Morquecho, H.M. Hernández-García, L. Santiago-Bautista, J. Acevedo, B. Vargas-Arista

Abstract: Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA) process is increasingly used in applications where enhancement of wear, corrosion and heat resistance of metals...

Authors: D.R.G. Achar, M. Kamaraj, C. S. Ganesh Bavisetty

Abstract: Cobalt based alloy with the addition of 5 and 10 wt% boron carbide have been deposited by PTA process on stainless substrates effectively....

Authors: F. García-Vázquez, H.M. Hernández-García, B. Vargas-Arista, A. Aguirre, E.E. Granda-Gutiérrez

Abstract: Among the different surface treatments used to improve the wear resistance of metallic materials, plasma transferred arc (PTA) is an...

Authors: Abdeljalil Nady, Herve Bonnefoy, Vincent Klosek, Marie Helene Mathon, Alain Lodini

Abstract: The objective of this study is to investigate the effects of Heat Affected Zone produced by Plasma Transferred Arc process and residual...

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