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Authors: Yue Ping Chen, Xiao Dong Nie, Yan Hui Chen, Shi Dong Li

Abstract: Complex surfaces have been widely used in engineering. However, the current general-purpose CAD systems do not provide the modeling method...

Authors: Wei Min Yang

Abstract: In five-axis tool path planning, interference between the cutting tool and parametric surface is very critical. One way of doing...

Authors: Zhi Qiang Zhang, Wen Jin Wang, Zhao Jian, Tai Yong Wang

Abstract: The part’s surface quality of NC machining is influenced by the chord error greatly. The confined chord error algorithm for machining...

Authors: Ján Kráľ, Ján Kráľ

Abstract: Verification of programming of various control systems and production of mathematically defined shaped surfaces on 3D CNC milling machine is...

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