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Authors: Roger D. Doherty, Elizabeth Hoffman, Christopher Hovanec, Arnaud Lens

Abstract: The prior literature on abnormal grain coarsening (AGC) at low volume fractions (f) of stable second phase particles in high purity Al...

Authors: Fábio de Oliveira Arouca, C.G. Azevedo, M.H.A. Oliveira, João Jorge Ribeiro Damasceno

Abstract: The dynamic analysis of behavior of solid particles in porous media such as settling processes are important for the dimensioning...

Authors: Sylwia Szerakowska, Maria Jolanta Sulewska, Jerzy Trzciński, Barbara Woronko

Abstract: Definition and studies on the shape of various bodies are an interdisciplinary issue, raising wide interest among scientists. In geology and...

Authors: Sylwia Szerakowska, Maria Jolanta Sulewska, Jerzy Trzciński, Barbara Woronko

Abstract: Particle shape raises more interest among geologists than among engineering geotechnical staff. It is commonly accepted that particle shape...

Authors: Yang Liu, Xiao Zhu Li, Cheng Lin Wang

Abstract: Numerical simulation was conducted to study the particle breakage of rock in rolling compaction (RC) test based on discrete element method...

Authors: Tian Xi Liu, Cheng Wei, Liang Ma, Yang Zhao

Abstract: To find out the influence of particle shape on the force situation and sampling efficiency of the drilling tool, the discrete element method...

Authors: Yi Dong Xu, Rui Ping Xu

Abstract: Based on the current production line of artificial aggregate, the waste concrete derived from the same source was crushed by different...

Authors: Yiu Pong Chan, Chak Yin Tang, Brian W. Darvell, Chi Pong Tsui

Abstract: The effect of filler shape and volume fraction on the micromechanical damage behavior of particulate-reinforced dental composites was...

Authors: Lydia Anggraini, Yuta Natsume, Kei Ameyama

Abstract: Silicon nitride with 50 mass zirconia ceramic matrix composites were processed by mechanical milling (MM) followed by spark plasma sintering...

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