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Authors: Yoshitaka Adachi, Mayumi Ojima, Naoko Sato, Yuan Tsung Wang

Abstract: The features present in 3D structure have geometric properties that fall into two broad categories: topological and metric. Metric...

Authors: T.Y. Hsu

Abstract: In order to diminish the industrial pollution to maintain the sustainable development and to reduce the cost of the steel production, a...

Authors: Ke Han, Jing Ping Chen

Abstract: Large amount of research has been undertaken on the effects of conventional thermomechanical treatment and chemistry variations on the...

Authors: Anja Oswald, Rosita Schmidtchen, Daniel Šimek, David Rafaja, Rudolf Kawalla, Gunter Lehmann

Abstract: A new method for a fast analysis of heavily deformed, multicomponent ferritic/pearlitic steels microstructure based on XRD measurements had...

Authors: Goro Miyamoto, Zhao Dong Li, Hirokazu Usuki, Tadashi Furuhara

Abstract: Reverse transformation has been frequently used to refine austenite grain size for refining ferrite, pearlite and martensite structures....

Authors: Harshad K.D.H. Bhadeshia
Authors: Torsten Sjögren, Per Eric Persson, Peter Vomacka

Abstract: During the last years the use of digital image correlation techniques (DIC) has become wide spread within different areas of research. One...

Authors: V.I. Savran, Y. van Leeuwen, Dave N. Hanlon, Jilt Sietsma

Abstract: The first step in the heat-treatment processes for a vast majority of commercial steels is austenitization. There is much less research put...

Authors: H.J. McQueen

Abstract: After 1780, wrought iron (WI) provided a structural material and steel was cherished for its hardness and cutting qualities. When available...

Authors: Juraj Balak, Xavier Sauvage, Duk Lak Lee, Choong Yeol Lee, Philippe Pareige

Abstract: Microstructures of cold drawn pearlitic steel wires were investigated by three-dimensional atom probe (3D-AP) to understand the influence...

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