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Authors: Davi Munhoz Benati, Kazuhiro Ito, Kazuyuki Kohama, Hajime Yamamoto, Eugênio José Zoqui

Abstract: Fe-2.5C-1.5Si gray cast iron evaluated in previous works exhibited promising potential as semisolid raw material presenting low levels of...

Authors: Shan Dai, Jin Gang Qi, Zuo Fu Zhao, Jian Zhong Wang

Abstract: In the unmodified and EP-modified melt of Q235 steel, the solidification behavior including the nucleation and growth of crystals has been...

Authors: Guillaume Geandier, Moukrane Dehmas, Mickael Mourot, Elisabeth Aeby-Gautier, Sabine Denis, Olivier Martin, Nikhil Karnatak

Abstract: In situ high energy X-ray diffraction synchrotron was used to provide direct analysis of the transformation sequences in steel-based matrix...

Authors: Anja Weidner, Harry Berek, Christian Segel, Christos G. Aneziris, Horst Biermann

Abstract: Composite material on the basis of a TRIP (transformation induced plasticity) steel with zirconia particles as reinforcement was produced by...

Authors: Julietta V. Rau, Marco Fosca, Vladimir S. Komlev

Abstract: In situ monitoring of structural changes, taking place upon calcium phosphate bone cements hardening process was carried out by means of the...

Authors: Ru Lin Peng, Xiao Peng Liu, Yan Dong Wang, Shu Yan Zhang, Yong Feng Shen, Sten Johansson

Abstract: In-situ neutron diffraction experiments under tensile loading were carried out to study the micromechanical behaviour of two iron-manganese...

Authors: Yi Gil Cho, Young Roc Im, Gyo Sung Kim, Heung Nam Han

Abstract: A finite element model was developed to simulate the deformation, temperature and phase transformation behavior in high carbon steels. The...

Authors: De Feng Zhang, Yin Liang, Zhong Lin Du, Xiao Huang Mao

Abstract: The time-dependent inhomogeneous temperature distribution in steel plates during the cooling increases thermal strains which, in turn,...

Authors: Dong Ying Ju, Ryuji Mukai, Nobuaki Minakawa, Yukio Morii, Atsushi Moriai
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