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Authors: Sergey M. Zharkov, Roman R. Altunin, Evgeny T. Moiseenko, Galina M. Zeer, Sergey N. Varnakov, Sergey G. Ovchinnikov

Abstract: Solid-state reaction processes in Fe/Si multilayer nanofilms have been studied in situ by the methods of transmission electron...

Authors: Mikhail A. Zagrebin, Vladimir V. Sokolovskiy, Vasiliy D. Buchelnikov

Abstract: In this work the magnetic properties (exchange parameters, magnetic moment of non-stoichiometric Ni–Mn–Ga Heusler alloys with structural...

Authors: Archana Singh, Mahendra Aynyas, S.P. Sanyal

Abstract: We report a first principles calculation of pressure-induced structural phase transition properties of uranium chalcogenides (UX; X=S, Se...

Authors: Hiromi Nakano, Nobuo Ishizawa, Hirohisa Sato, Naoki Kamegashira

Abstract: The BaLn2Mn2O7 (Ln = rare earth) has a Sr3Ti2O7-type structure with double block oxygen octahedra belonging to the Ruddlesden-Popper-Type...

Authors: Radosław Zaleski, Jacek Goworek

Abstract: The ordering of n-nonadecane confined in the pores of MCM-41 silica was investigated by Positron Annihilation Lifetime Spectroscopy. No...

Authors: A.I. Harkunov, V.E. Antonov, O.I. Barkalov, M. Calvo-Dahlborg, U. Dahlborg, V.K. Fedotov, E.G. Ponyatovsky, M. Winzenick
Authors: Lei Zhang, Sheng Li Jiang, Jun Chen

Abstract: The issue of HMX phase transition under hydrostatic compression is not clear and experiments show conflicting results. Effective solution...

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