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Authors: Syuutei Sasaki, Tsutomu Ezumie

Abstract: In modern society, we can see various large structures such as large buildings, ships, bridges that have been constructed using metal,...

Authors: Dong Chul Shin, Byeung Gun Nam, Jeong Hwan Nam, Jai Sug Hawong, Katsuhiko Watanabe

Abstract: In the recent years, the studies on the mechanical behaviors of various materials subjected to biaxial loading have been worked since they...

Authors: I.A. Jones, P. Wang, A.A. Becker, Thomas H. Hyde, T.P. Pridmore, A.H. Ghali
Authors: Oskar Ostertag, Eva Ostertagová, Peter Frankovský

Abstract: The aim of the paper is the automation of experimental determination of isotropic and orthotropic background stresses by the tools of the...

Authors: Hsien Huang P. Wu, Shih Hsin Chang

Abstract: Photoelastic analyses have been successfully conducted by several researchers and many equations based on digital images were presented....

Authors: Tae Hyun Baek, Seung Kee Koh, Tae Geun Park

Abstract: hybrid experimental-numerical method is presented for determining the stresses around a circular hole in a finite-width, tensile loaded...

Authors: Pichet Pinit, Eisaku Umezaki

Abstract: This paper presents an application of a new point-wise technique for unwrapping the isoclinic parameter determined by a four-step color...

Authors: Digendranath Swain, Jeby Philip, S. Annamala Pillai

Abstract: This paper reports the design assessment carried out on a subassembly of an advanced rocket using experimental techniques. The design was...

Authors: O. T. Thomsen, S. Charca

Abstract: Among the different test methods to characterize the fibre/matrix interfacial shear strength, the fragmentation test is one of the most...

Authors: Jay C. Hanan

Abstract: Efficient manufacturing requires consistency. Automated equipment is designed to accept a small range of input variability and quickly sort...

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