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Authors: Ya Fen Wu, Jiunn Chyi Lee

Abstract: We investigate the effect of carrier dynamics on the temperature dependence of photoluminescence spectra from InAs/GaAs quantum dot...

Authors: N. Bošnjaković, S. Uskoković-Marković, U.B. Mioč
Authors: Kevin Alvin Eswar, F.S. Husairi, Azlinda Ab Aziz, M. Rusop, Saifollah Abdullah

Abstract: Zinc acetate as starting material along with diethanolamine as a stabilizer and isopropyl as a solvent were used in ZnO precursor...

Authors: Karim Zare, Nasibeh Molahasani, Nazanin Farhadyar, M.S. Sadjadi

Abstract: In this paper, we report enhanced blue green emission of hexagonal shaped ZnO nanorods (NRS) grown via a simple hydrothermal method and...

Authors: Andriy P. Luchechko, Igor I. Syvorotka, Yaroslav Zakharko, I.M. Syvorotka

Abstract: Abstract. Excitation and emission spectra under UV and X-ray excitations, as well as the luminescence decay kinetics of...

Authors: Arthur Medvid, Y. Hatanaka, V.G. Litovchenko, L. Fedorenko, D. Korbutjak, S. Krylyuk
Authors: Dmytro Gnatyuk, Tetsu Ito, Toru Aoki

Abstract: Low temperature photoluminescence (PL) of high-resistivity detector-grade Cl-compensated CdTe semiconductor crystals subjected to...

Authors: Xiao Lan Sun, Yan Hua Dong, Chao Li, Xiao Hong Liu

Abstract: The size of quantum dots (QDs), their shape, and ordered arrays have significant impact on electrical and optical properties of the QDs. We...

Authors: Kevin Alvin Eswar, F.S. Husairi, Azlinda Ab Aziz, Mohamad Rusop, Saifollah Abdullah

Abstract: ZnO thin film was successfully deposited on different substrate by sol-gel spin coating. Zinc acetate dihydrates, diethanolamine and...

Authors: Jing Liu, Ming Ying, Yu Ling Tan, Bo Xi

Abstract: ZnS quantum dots (ZnS QDs) synthesized in aqueous solution is easy to gather a mass, which always results in low quantum yield. So, in this...

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