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Authors: Yujiro Hayashi, Yoshiharu Hirose, Daigo Setoyama

Abstract: In situ three-dimensional crystallographic orientation mapping in plastically-deformed polycrystalline iron is demonstrated using a...

Authors: Zhi Qiang Zhang, Dong Sheng Qian, Lin Hua

Abstract: Ring parts of duplicate gear, double-side flange, high pressure value body, are widely used in engineering machinery, have the common...

Authors: Xiang He Peng, Min Mei Chen, Jun Wang

Abstract: A constitutive model is developed for shape memory alloys (SMAs) based on the concept that an SMA is a mixture composed of austenite and...

Authors: E.S. Gorkunov

Abstract: The effect of plastic tensile deformation on changes in density and magnetic behaviour has been studied on low-carbon steel specimens under...

Authors: Dyi Cheng Chen, Jia Ci Wang, Gow Yi Tzou

Abstract: This study investigates a novel changing channel angular (CCA) extrusion process, in which high strains are induced within the billet by...

Authors: Zi Ling Xie, Lin Zhu Sun, Fang Yang

Abstract: A theoretical model is developed to account for the effects of strain rate and temperature on the deformation behavior of ultrafine-grained...

Authors: Donald W. Brown, R. Varma, Mark A.M. Bourke, T. Ely, Thomas Holden, S. Spooner
Authors: Ji Luo, Zhi Rui Wang

Abstract: Recently, the necessity to grade grain size to ultrafine and nano scale for understanding the mechanical behavior of these materials has...

Authors: Si Cong Liu, Guo Xing Lu, Dong Wei Shu, Ying Xin Zhou, Zhi Ye Zhao

Abstract: Rock movement caused by external explosion loading can damage the nearby tunnel or cavern.To avoid damage, energy absorbing bolts with high...

Authors: Keng Soon Woon, Mustafizur Rahman, Kui Liu

Abstract: The effect of tool edge radius on the mechanics of micromachining, both in terms of plasticity and tribology is significant. Through an...

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