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Authors: Quan Li Li, Zhi Qing Chen, Guo Min Ou, Laikui Liu, Hao Bin Jiang, Quan Zeng, Gang Li, G. He, An Chun Mo, Brian W. Darvell

Abstract: A novel three-dimensional scaffold of hydroxyapatite(HA)-polyelectrolyte complex (PEC) composite hydrogel was synthesized by a biomimetic...

Authors: Quan Li Li, Zhi Qing Chen, Brian W. Darvell, Quan Zeng, Gang Li, Guo Min Ou, Ming Yue Wu

Abstract: A polyelectrolyte complex (PEC) composed of chitosan (CS) and phosphorylated chitosan (PCS) was used to encapsulate a calcium phosphate by...

Authors: Jing Di Chen, Ying Jun Wang, Xiao Feng Chen

Abstract: Owing to the unique characters of the hybrid scaffold components, a novel biodegradable porous composite scaffold was prepared. The nano...

Authors: Sung Won Kim, Yun Sik Nam, Yeon Jin Min, Jong Ho Kim, Kwang Meyong Kim, Kui Won Choi, In Sup Noh, Ik Chan Kwon

Abstract: Stability and disintegration of natural polyelectrolyte complex microspheres for protein drugs delivery have been extensively investigated...

Authors: Po Hui Chen, Ting Yun Kuo, Da Ming Wang, Juin Yih Lai, Hsyue Jen Hsieh

Abstract: Chitosan was used in this study to form polyelectrolyte complex (PEC) with water-soluble acidic polysaccharides, including gum arabic and...

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