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Authors: Metin Gürü, Süleyman Tekeli, Emin Akin
Abstract: The amount of marble dust occurred during machining and cutting of marble pieces and fly ash emitted from coal power plant is rather high and these wastes create significant environmental pollution. In fact, these wastes can be utilized in various industrial applications. In this study, various amount of fly ash, marble dust and polyester as base material, methyl ethyl keton peroxid as hardener and cobalt naphtanats as accelerator were used to produce polyester matrix composite material. Mechanical properties of composite materials were investigated and the optimum values were determined. In the first step of the manufacturing of composite material, the amounts of hardener, accelerator and polyester were kept constant and only fly ash/marble dust ratio was changed. The experimental results showed that while fly ash/marble dust ratio up to 1/3 was increased, the strength and hardness of the composite materials increased. Thus, the composite materials with high strength and hardness were produced. The optimum three point bending strength and hardness values were 30.42 N/mm2 and 98 Shore A, respectively. In the second step, the amounts of hardener, accelerator and fly ash/marble dust ratio were kept constant and the effects of the change in the amount of polyester were investigated. It was seen that the highest tree point bending strength and hardness were obtained at polyester/filler (marble dust +fly ash) ratio of 0,38. The optimum three point bending strength and hardness values were 32.78 N/mm2 and 99 Shore A, respectively.
Authors: I.A. Mayatskaya, A.E. Fedchenko, D.B. Demchenko
Abstract: One of the work cycles of reinforced concrete structures is the state of repair and reconstruction, including the steps of strengthening elements. The traditional types of strengthening of reinforced concrete which are steel and concrete collars and shirts - now are receding into the background. New methods of strengthening with modern materials such as lamellae are increasingly being used. The article deals with the issues related to strengthening the structures made of high-strength concrete using composite polymeric materials.
Authors: I.A. Mayatskaya, A.E. Fedchenko, D.S. Zagutin
Abstract: The use of prefabricated mini silo structures enables us to build containers for grain or animal feed and to transport the structural elements to the installation site. Traditional types of strengthening of concrete structures are steel and concrete cages. Polymer materials are widely used in construction. The methods of strengthening modern materials, such as lamellae, are being increasingly used. The issue of strengthening the structures with composite polymer materials is relevant.
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