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Authors: Ying Tang, Guo An Wang

Abstract: This paper is focused on the method for improving capability of anti-sulfate corrosion of concrete. Based on the performance characteristics...

Authors: Jun Hong Shan, Ming Kai Zhou, Bei Xing Li, Ji Wei Cai, Fang Xu

Abstract: The Badong highway bridge over the Yangtze River is a grand bridge in Enshi, Hubei Province of China. Its deck pavement consists of C40...

Authors: Xiao Rong Shao, Liang Feng Zhu

Abstract: Aimed to solve the problem that the mass concrete structures are apt to crack in underground engineering, this paper makes some research...

Authors: Na Liang, Xiao Yan Zhang, Feng Lan Li

Abstract: Experiments were carried out to investigate such basic properties as workability and strength of masonry cement mortar affected by mass...

Authors: Zhen Wu Shi, Shuang Liu, Rui Rui Zhang

Abstract: Based on the evaluation of fibrous concrete materials and the experiments of freezing-thawing resistance home and abroad, the present...

Authors: Jian Qiang Wei, Ming Li Cao, Hang Yao

Abstract: As the composite of materials, fibers compositing, which can give full play to synergism of each fiber’s reinforcement, will become an...

Authors: Yuan Yuan Zhang, Zong Ke Lou, Xiang Bin Zhang

Abstract: The influence of mixing fly ash, admixture(including pumping agent, water reducing agent, air-entraining agent), polypropylene fiber on...

Authors: Cheon Goo Han, Min Cheol Han, Chan Chun Pei, Seong Hwan Yang

Abstract: In this study, the fundamental and spalling properties of high-strength concrete were examined, especially when various types and varying...

Authors: Na Liang, Xiao Yan Zhang, Li Sun, Feng Lan Li

Abstract: Experiments were carried out to investigate the dry-shrinkage of masonry mortar affected by mass content of polypropylene fiber. The results...

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