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Authors: Jan Škramlík, Miloslav Novotný, Ondřej Fuciman, Karel Šuhajda

Abstract: The moisture in building construction material affects the physical properties of buildings and he may lead to their degradation. With few...

Authors: Christian N. Della, Dong Wei Shu

Abstract: In this research, a comparative study of the hydrostatic performances of 1-3 piezoelectric composites with a porous matrix is presented....

Authors: Feng Li Cao, Hong Bai Bai, Zhong Bo He, Guo Quan Ren

Abstract: Dynamic load experiments of the disc-shaped metal rubber isolation component are performed. Through analyzing variation law of the...

Authors: Mao Deng, Zong Ming Wang, Chun Xue Zhang

Abstract: We present an easy approach to obtain the dynamic flow field with a moving body inside. Instead of popular interface boundaries, the...

Authors: K.E. Belyavin, D.V. Minko, N.V. Reshnetikov

Abstract: A technology of hardening porous materials of titan powders has been elaborated. The technology is based on passing alternating current...

Authors: Kazushige Ohno

Abstract: The long time of twenty years has passed since Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) was proposed before the practical use. The main factors that...

Authors: Shun Jian Xu, Xing Zhong Zhao, Zong Hu Xiao, Yong Ping Luo, Yong Huang, Wei Zhong, Hui Ou

Abstract: A novel approach has been developed to fabricate an oriented flat porous carbon (OFPC) by combining the polymerizationinduced phase...

Authors: Yin Zhang, Yoshiyuki Yokogawa, Tetsuya Kameyama

Abstract: There is a clinical need for synthetic scaffolds that will promote bone regeneration. Important factors include obtaining an optimal...

Authors: Shou Ren Wang, Pei Quan Guo, Hong Yan Wang, Min Wang

Abstract: Owing to two phases are continuous and penetrated each other, Interpenetrating composites exhibit good abrasive wear properties, can be an...

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