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Authors: P.J.S.A. Ferreira de Sousa, Isabel Malico, Gérson Fernandes

Abstract: A compact finite differences method is used to calculate two-dimensional viscous flows through complex geometries. The immersed boundaries...

Authors: Kun Can Zheng, Zhi Wen, Zhan Sheng Wang, Xia Lan Huang, Yan Feng Wang, Yi Ke Li

Abstract: On the basis of wholly analyzing the mechanism of the heat transfer in the regenerative heating furnace,the physical and mathematical 3-d...

Authors: Jiang Rong Xu, Su Juan Hu, Shan Shan Xu, Guan Qin Wang

Abstract: The different mathematical and physical models of one-dimension or two-dimension for premixed air combustion in the ring porous medium...

Authors: Kacem Amel, Oueslati Fakhreddine, Rachid Bennacer, Elcafsi Afif

Abstract: The present work aims to study convection and heat transfer and mass in a porous cubic cavity. The configuration considered is a cavity cube...

Authors: Xiao Dong Ju, Wen Juan Feng, Yu Jun Zhang, Zheng Sheng Zou

Abstract: The permeability and changing characters following variation of physicochemical environment outside of porous media like rock and soil are...

Authors: Christopher T. DeGroot, Anthony G. Straatman

Abstract: The effect of pore geometry on the axial thermal dispersion conductivity for high-conductivity porous media under general thermal...

Authors: Liz Añez, Juan Primera, Anwar Hasmy, Pedro Franceschini, Néstor Sánchez, Thierry Woignier

Abstract: This study introduces a method for a computational calculus of the Elasticity Modulus (E) of simulated porous media using the Monte Carlo...

Authors: João M.P.Q. Delgado

Abstract: The present work describes the mass transfer process between a moving fluid and a slightly soluble plane surface buried in a packed bed, in...

Authors: Bin Li, Wei Liu, Xiang Wei Kong, Shuang Tian Zhang

Abstract: The distributor is a key component of the gas-solid fluidized bed. It must be guaranteed that the gas has enough stability of pressure drop....

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