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Authors: N. Zouadi, N. Gabouze, D. Bradai, D. Dahmane

Abstract: The hydrogen-sensing property of new type field-effect gas sensor device was studied. The device had an FET structure based on porous...

Authors: Chi Yuan Lee, Shuo Jen Lee, Ching Liang Dai, Chih Wei Chuang

Abstract: This investigation utilizes porous silicon as the gas diffusion layer (GDL) in a micro fuel cell. Pt catalyst is deposited on the surface...

Authors: A.V. Vasin, Yukari Ishikawa, Noriyoshi Shibata, Jarno Salonen, Vesa Pekka Lehto

Abstract: In the present work, the carbonization of porous silicon for the subsequent 3C-SiC growth has been systematically studied. The effect of...

Authors: B. Méndez, J. Piqueras, R. Plugaru, G. Craciun, N. Nastase, A. Cremades, E. Nogales
Authors: S. La Monica, Marco Balucani, S. Lazarouk, G. Maiello, G. Masini, P. Jaguiro, A. Ferrari
Authors: Hanna Bandarenka, Aliaksandr Shapel, Marco Balucani

Abstract: Cu-Si nanocomposites formed by an immersion displacement deposition of Cu into porous silicon (PS) matrix have been experimentally studied....

Authors: Martin Stutzmann, Martin S. Brandt
Authors: Hans Jürgen von Bardeleben, A. Grosman, V. Morazzani, C. Ortega, J. Siejka
Authors: Xing Hua Qu, X.H. Zhao, S.H. Ye

Abstract: Porous silicon with pore size in the range of a few nanometers can be used as multifunctional material in different MEMS applications. Via...

Authors: Priyanka Singh, Shailesh N. Sharma, G. Bhagavannarayana, M. Husain, M. Lal

Abstract: Porous silicon (PS) layers were formed by anodization on polished substrates of (1 0 0) Si at different current densities for a fixed...

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