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Authors: Ezrin Hani Sukadarin, Baba Md Deros, Jaharah Abd Ghani, Ahmad Rasdan Ismail, Maznon M. Mokhtar, Darliana Mohamad
Abstract: Oil palm workers perform daily activities that exposed themselves to various ergonomics risk factors. To harvest oil palm fruits from tall trees, specific technique is required. To quantify the ergonomics risks factors, postural analysis was conducted using Quick Exposure Check (QEC) system. It was found oil palm workers were exposed to many postural problems while performing harvesting and collecting fresh fruit bunch (FFB) activities. However, to quantify the actual load, many limitations of the QEC have been revealed such the missing of legs assessment, the crude analysis for arm and shoulder, no pushing and pulling assessment and the biased may be existed due to the workers perception on the ergonomics factors. Thus, it can be concluded that QEC system was not suitable for conducting postural analysis during harvesting in oil palm plantation especially in tall trees due to the above limitations.
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