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Authors: Kazunari Shinagawa, Y. Hirashima
Authors: K.E. Belyavin, D.V. Minko, N.V. Reshnetikov

Abstract: A technology of hardening porous materials of titan powders has been elaborated. The technology is based on passing alternating current...

Authors: Luisa N. Mîtcă, Mustafa Günay, Radu Liviu Orban, Ulvi Şeker

Abstract: In this study, the machinability of the Cu matrix composites reinforced with 5, 10, 15 and 20 vol.% of Al2O3 particulates produced by powder...

Authors: Tungwai Leo Ngai, Yuan Yuan Li, Zhao Yao Zhou

Abstract: Increasing density is the best way to increase the performance of powder metallurgy materials. Conventional powder metallurgy processing...

Authors: Angela Popa, Irina Carceanu, Cristian Coman, Viorel Candea, Gabi Matache

Abstract: The present research’ goal is the fabrication of Fe-based composite reinforced with oxide particles with special characteristics (wear,...

Authors: Jean François Silvain, Valérie Denis-Lutard, Pierre Marie Geffroy, Jean Marc Heintz

Abstract: Today, there is a strong push to improve the thermal management of electronic components in order to increase the performance and the...

Authors: José M. Gallardo, Juan M. Montes, Francicso Gomez Cuevas
Authors: Gyu-Sam Shim, Mok Soon Kim, Won Yong Kim, Hiroshi Yamagata
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