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Authors: Wei Wang, Cun Lei Zou, Ren Geng Li, Wen Wen, Hui Jun Kang, Tong Min Wang

Abstract: In situ synchrotron X-ray diffraction was used to study a deformed Cu-0.88 Fe-0.24 P alloy during heating process. The measurements were...

Authors: B.J.M. Leite Ferreira, M.C.F. Magalhães, Rui N. Correia

Abstract: We investigated the in vitro formation of apatites and other biologically relevant calcium phosphates, in particular the influence of...

Authors: Yoshiji Miyamura, Hirofumi Harada, Karolin Jiptner, Jun Chen, Ronit R. Prakash, Jian Yong Li, Takashi Sekiguchi, Takuto Kojima, Yoshio Ohshita, Atsushi Ogura, Masayuki Fukuzawa, Satoshi Nakano, Bing Gao, Koichi Kakimoto

Abstract: To get the optimized condition and ideal furnace structure, we have performed seed cast growth of mono-crystalline Si by using...

Authors: Hong Yao Yu, Cheng Yu Chi, Jian Xin Dong, Xi Shan Xie

Abstract: The Nb-contained austenitic heat-resistant steel 18Cr10NiNb(TP347H) has been widely used as super-heater and re-heater tube material for...

Authors: Hong Yao Yu, Jian Xin Dong, Xi Shan Xie

Abstract: The Cu-containing austenitic heat-resistant steel 18Cr-9Ni-3CuNbN has been widely used as superheater and reheater tube material for modern...

Authors: S. Sarkar, Mary A. Wells, Warren J. Poole

Abstract: An investigation was conducted on the softening behaviour of cold rolled continuous cast (CC) AA5754 Al alloy and compared to the results...

Authors: Abdelali Hayoune

Abstract: In contrast to isothermal aging, few reports document the non-isothermal aging of deformed Al–Mg–Si alloys. The knowledge of non-isothermal...

Authors: M. Borrell, R.I. Grynszpan, N. Ji
Authors: D.M. Hunter, R.I. Grynszpan
Authors: Ji Yong Yao, D.A. Graham, Malcolm J. Couper
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