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Authors: Bing Tao Lin, Jian Hua Zhao, Wen Yun Li, Qian Zhou, Xin Man, Ri Le Lin, Bang Ying Weng, Hong Kui Dong, Zhou Xu, Qiao Yun Zhang

Abstract: A digital closed-loop control quartz accelerometer with new structures is performed, which overcomes the disadvantages of restriction of...

Authors: Un Chung Cho

Abstract: V-grooved quartz substrates are manufactured by glass molding press and the pitch errors of the molded quartz fiber array blocks are...

Authors: Sasha J. Kweskin, Larry W. Shive

Abstract: RCA clean has evolved since 1965 [1]. Typically used before critical thermal steps, depositions/etches, or after strip operations, these...

Authors: Hua Jiang, Wen Ke Lu, Yuan Yuan Li, Shi Gen Shen

Abstract: In order to improve the signal-noise rate (SNR) of the acceleration sensor system, this article analysis of the design principles of a novel...

Authors: S. Karaoğlu, M. Çolak, İ. Işık
Authors: Kun Ling Wu, Hsin Min Lee, Kuan Hwa Chin

Abstract: Electrochemical discharge machining (ECDM) is the preferred non-traditional process technology in recent years, The main processing is...

Authors: J. David van Horn, Fei Wu, Gerald Corsiglia, Yan Ching Jean

Abstract: We have studied the interaction of the positron with chiral left-or right-handed quartz crystals. In Doppler-broadening experiments, using a...

Authors: Siti Khodijah Chaerun, Frideni Yushandiana Putri, Mohammad Zaki Mubarok, Wahyudin Prawira Minwal, Zela Tanlega Ichlas

Abstract: Environmentally friendly mining technologies have to be developed extensively to avoid the impact of mining activities with respect to...

Authors: De Si Sun, Hong Bao, Hao Chen, Xian Zhen Zhang, Ji Han Nie

Abstract: The effects of biosorption time and cell concentration on adsorption amount on the surface of diaspore, kaolinite and quartz were studied by...

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