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Authors: Seong Taek Lim, Yong Yun Lee, Il Sang Eun

Abstract: An effort has been made to present optimum alloy designs of commercial 7175 and 7050 type alloys to be used in thick forgings with proper...

Authors: Takeshi Saito, Calin D. Marioara, Jostein Røyset, Randi Holmestad

Abstract: The effect of cooling rate after solution heat treatment and its combination with 1% pre-deformation on precipitation hardening in two...

Authors: Y.H. Kang, D. Wu, Rong Shi Chen, E.H. Han

Abstract: The effects of quenching rate on the microstructures and mechanical properties of the heat treatable Mg-4.2Y-2.3Nd-1.0Gd-0.6Zr (wt.%) (WE43)...

Authors: T.F. Morgeneyer, Marco J. Starink, I. Sinclair

Abstract: Analysis of toughness in 6156 Al-Mg-Si-Cu sheet has been performed using enhanced Kahn tear tests on samples quenched at different rates,...

Authors: Takeshi Saito, Calin D. Marioara, Jostein Røyset, Randi Holmestad

Abstract: Quench sensitivity in two Al-Mg-Si alloys, one Cu-free and the other with low Cu additions (~0.1 wt%), both having the same amounts of other...

Authors: Bai Qing Xiong, Xi Wu Li, Yon Gan Zhang, Zhi Hui Li, Bao Hong Zhu, Feng Wang, Hong Wei Liu

Abstract: In the present work, quench sensitivity of an Al-7.5Zn-1.7Mg-1.4Cu-0.12Zr alloy is investigated by temperature-time-property (TTP) curve and...

Authors: Xin Yu Lu, Zhi Hui Li, Guo Jun Wang, Yon Gan Zhang, Bai Qing Xiong

Abstract: The quench sensitivity of 2D70 aluminum alloy was investigated by end-quenching. The effect of water temperature on quench sensitivity was...

Authors: V.G. Davydov, L.B. Ber, V.N. Ananiev
Authors: Zhi Hui Li, Bai Qing Xiong, Yon Gan Zhang, Xi Wu Li, Feng Wang, Hong Wei Liu

Abstract: This paper investigates the quench sensitivity of some selected 7xxx series Al alloys based on a Jominy End Quench method. The precipitate...

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