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Authors: Chang Yi Kong, Yuuki Shiratori, Takeshi Sako, Futoshi Iwata

Abstract: A green method to synthesize the reduced graphene oxide using supercritical fluid has been developed, which is an environmentally friendly...

Authors: Yu Feng Wang, Chun Hua Han, Bao Liu, Dong Mei Zhao, Dong Yu Zhao, Li Guo Sun

Abstract: A mild and efficient approach for the reduction of graphene oxide by NaHTe is reported in this work. This reductant is of low toxicity and...

Authors: C. Hérold, J.F. Marêché, A. Mabchour, G. Furdin
Authors: Kazuki Abe, Akira Izumi

Abstract: Cu has been used as interconnection and lead frame in ULSIs. However, the oxidation and contamination of Cu are not easily avoided. As a...

Authors: Zhao Han, Hong Min Zhu

Abstract: Nano-sized nickel powders were prepared through a wet chemical reduction, of NiCl2 by sodium in liquid ammonia at -45 °C, and a...

Authors: Xin Ying Chen, Guan Yu Li

Abstract: This paper tries to find a more feasible method to achieve core and reduction. Against concepts "distinguishable relation of attribute set"...

Authors: Xiao Ming Li, Shang Jie Wang, Jun Xue Zhao, Ya Ru Cui, Su Bo Hou

Abstract: Pickling sludge is the deposits that generated from the neutralization of pickling waste water with calcium hydroxide in stainless steel...

Authors: Seung Yup Jeon, Eun Ju Chae, Won Ki Lee, Gun Dae Lee, Seong Soo Hong, Seog Young Yoon, Seong Soo Park

Abstract: Ni nanosheet has been prepared at various temperature and time with anion surfactant by chemical reduction of the nickel ion complexes...

Authors: Hoo Soon Im, Jah Mahn Hur, Wan Jae Lee

Abstract: The dry-milling technique was used for mixing and crushing oxides and graphite powder to get homogeneous mixed powders. The weight ratio of...

Authors: Marina L. Mozgaleva, Pavel A. Akimov

Abstract: This paper is devoted to verification of so-called wavelet-based discrete-continual finite element method (wDCFEM), proposed by authors, for...

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