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Authors: Marina Zubkova, Vladimir Maslikov, Dmitry Molodtsov, Alexander Chusov, Viacheslav Zhazhkov, Alexander Stroganov
Abstract:This paper presents the results of the energy experiments based on electrochemical researches and the thermodynamic calculations, which are...
Authors: Dong Xin Hao, Li Zhang, Meng Qi Liu, Pan Ting Dong, Hao Wu
Chapter 6: Electrical Theory and New Technology
Abstract:The combined AC+DC distribution network in this study provides a coupling and decoupling strategy of renewable energy in DC mode by using...
Authors: Mehdi Mostofi, Noushin Ahanrobay
Chapter 16: Nontraditional Manufacturing
Abstract:Iran is the land of miraculous energy types including wide range of renewable types of energy. In spite of these potentials however, little...
Authors: Worawat Nakawiro
Chapter 5: Power Electronics and Control in Power Systems
Abstract:With significant penetration of renewable energy sources in distribution networks, the voltage control method may have to be revised...
  | Authors: Francesco Saverio Nesci, Nicoletta Maria Iellamo
I. The Integrated Approach in Europe 2020: Urban and Marginal Areas in Local Economic Development Strategies
Abstract:Farming and agro-industrial waste can represent a resource when destined to energy production and they can contribute to reduce greenhouse...
Authors: Shuang Hu Wang, Yong Yi Wu
Chapter 3: Environmental Science, Analysis and Engineering
Abstract:Using double-network, double-machine technology, the hardware framework of the energy management system is designed. The software framework...
Authors: Bo Zhu, Min You Chen, Rui Lin Xu, Xin Xu, Qian Wang
Chapter 6: Power System and Automation
Abstract:As a renewable energy, wind power is considered to be an important non-exhaustible energy in the times of energy crisis. Therefore, in...
Authors: Cui Ping Kuang, Hong Cheng Huang, Yi Pan, Jie Gu
Chapter 4: Nuclear Energy and other Energy Sources
Abstract:Tidal energy is a kind of new energy which is both renewable and pollution-free so that the tidal power generation is increasingly popular in...
Authors: S. Bharathi, G. Balaji, V.A. Saravanan, Sam Suresh
Chapter 11: Environmentally Sustainable Manufacturing Processes and Systems
Abstract:A method for generating electricity using high wind pressure generated by fast moving vehicles channeling the induced wind in the direction...
Authors: Shih Fang Wei, Chung Yan Lin
Chapter 1: Modern Design Theory and Technology
Abstract:The air contain very low density of energy, as a result the complex 3D shape blade is required for maximize the energy extraction. The blades...
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