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Authors: Ming Zhou

Abstract: The architectures pay attention to the solve of detail problems more and more with the great development of residence design in recent...

Authors: Min Yuan, Bing Yu Pan, Shi Jun Wang

Abstract: Residential Design briefly explained the relationship with the circular economy, according to the design of residential status and future...

Authors: Xi Pei Ren, Ali Zhao

Abstract: This paper analyses and discusses the possibility of integration of emotional design and sustainable design in the field of residential...

Authors: Wen Jie Lin, Yu Jun Yang, Zhe Yu

Abstract: Targeted at elderly couple's families, this paper analyzes the residence relationship among the elderly couples and focuses on the link...

Authors: Zheng Lei Dong

Abstract: This paper explains the concept of folk culture in design of Chinese traditional vernacular dwellings, puts forward that we should properly...

Authors: Xuan Yin Xu

Abstract: With the continuous improvement of living standard, the requirement of interior design is rising today. It caused an uncoordinated between...

Authors: Wu Jin Gaowa, Wen Hui Ming

Abstract: Rural residential building design is an important part of residential construction, discover the problem in rural residential construction...

Authors: Ruo Zhu Wang, Yong Mei Qian, Wei Mo

Abstract: The paper introduces the measures about water efficiency and applying water resources in the design of urban resident plan and analyzes...

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