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Authors: Zhi Gang Hou, Jun Zhao, Li Qiang Xu, Zhong Guo

Abstract: In order to theoretically simulate the welding process of complex structure with large quantities of welding spots, a simplified method for...

Authors: Zheng Hua Guo, Ping Fang, Jun Hua Cui, Jie Wang

Abstract: A fuzzy neural network based system was developed to control the quality of resistance spot welding. A fuzzy neural controller (FNC) was...

Authors: Taehyung Kim, Yong Suk Lee, Jonggu Lee, Se Hun Rhee
Authors: Li Han, Ken W. Young, R. Hewitt, N. Blundel, Martin Thornton

Abstract: The increased application of lightweight materials, such as aluminium has triggered many investigations into new joining techniques for...

Authors: Yong Joon Cho, In Sung Chang, Heui Bom Lee

Abstract: While resistance spot welding (RSW) has been the most successful sheet metal joining process in automotive industry, there are still...

Authors: Abderrazak El Ouafi, Rudy Bélanger, Jean-François Méthot

Abstract: The aim of this study is to develop an effective on-line ANN-based approach for quality estimation in resistance spot welding. The proposed...

Authors: Yi Min Tu, Ran Feng Qiu, Hong Xin Shi, Hua Yu, Ke Ke Zhang

Abstract: In order to obtain better understanding of the resistance spot weldability of magnesium alloy and provide some foundational information for...

Authors: Nai Feng Fan, Zhen Luo, Yang Li, Wen Bo Xuan

Abstract: Resistance spot welding (RSW) is an important welding process in modern industrial production, and the quality of welding nugget determines...

Authors: Bin Wan, Xin Bin Hu, Shi Jie Dong, Zhong Hou Liu, Mao Zhang, Ning Hong Zhang

Abstract: In this paper, the control method of current gain compensation for welding is adopted. Precise current gain curves (i.e., current step...

Authors: Yan Xi, Liang Gong, Cheng Liang Liu

Abstract: Resistance spot welding (RSW) has been extensively used as a sheet metal joining process, and the welding process identification is the...

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