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Authors: Rafal Kozubski, Mirosław Kozłowski, S. Czekaj, Veronique Pierron-Bohnes, Wolfgang Pfeiler

Abstract: “Order-order” relaxations driven by atomic migration in superstructures proceed in nonsteady- state of a system, which relaxes to the...

Authors: I. Pong, Simon C. Hopkins, Xiao Wei Fu, Bartek A. Glowacki, James Elliott, Alberto Baldini

Abstract: The reactive diffusion and phase formation sequences in two types of ‘internal tin’ superconducting wires designed for the ITER project,...

Authors: V.A. Safonov, E.V. Lapshina, T.H. Minh, S.Yu. Volosova
Authors: P. Duhaj, P. Svec, Igor Matko, Dusan Janickovic
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